Latest useful resources!

Resource centre for Teachers of Russian - great online resource for Russian teachers, a place you can share lesson plans, syllabi, vocabulary lists and such. And it's free!

Extensive, independent language-learning supplements in the magazine, Russian Life, which are available for free download here

russian alphabetThe Russian alphabet


keyboard icon Learning to type in English or Russian

This programme from the University of Leeds can be downloaded for free. Typing exercises in English and Russian start simply and progress. A beautiful, clear Cyrillic keyboard layout can be printed off for students to use as a reference, allowing them to skip the lessons and still type their work without keyboard stickers. There is also a good Russian alphabet reference with sound files that can be used offline:


practice iconDrilling and practice


travel iconPhrases for travellers and other learners

These expressions overlap with those in the workbook:


open book iconFree online material from useful coursebooks:


russian culture icon Culture and sports


photo iconImages


www iconNews sites

Students can compare the coverage of a news story as it appears in sources from Russia and from English-speaking countries or just search for news stories relevant to the Russian-speaking world and to their own interest. Students can search Irish or British news sites for relevant stories, for example:

russian icon Website of the President of Russia:


russian spoken iconCountries where Russian is spoken