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1. How foreign languages literacy can support English

Rachel Hawkes identifies transferable skills and knowledge which play a key part in literacy, in MFL as in English. Read more.

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2. Using reading strategies in MFL

Video clip showing a class where pupils use reading strategies which they have developed in English and Welsh to work through a challenging French text. Click here to view the clip.

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3. MFL literacy posters

These MFL literacy posters found through a link at the end of this FHS page (Click here) can be printed or serve as a starting point for similar posters in other Modern Languages.

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4. Literacy and Numeracy National Strategy

In 2011, the Department of Education and Skills launched "Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life- The National Strategy to improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young People 2011-2020". Click here for report.

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Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties in Multilingual Contexts

Powerpoint from Deirdre Martin, University of Birmingham. Read more

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Literacy & MFL for senior class - Lesson Plan

Although from a US context, this lesson plan may provide ideas for a good MFL Leaving Cert class. Read more

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Literacy and Education

Literacy and education in SIL distinctively focuses on developing programs in lesser-known and endangered languages and emphasizes using the mother tongue as the gateway to basic literacy. SIL's vision for language programs is to see literacy become a sus ...

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Literacy and the EU

EU Commission page on literacy initiatives. Read more

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MFL and Literacy - A CILT/QCA Report

In 1999 CILT and QCA launched a project to explore links between children’s work in developing literacy skills and in learning a foreign language. The project sought to identify ways in which the development of mother-tongue literacy and foreign language ...

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