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This Blog contains lots of information on Apps for Foreign Language Education both for Spanish and for all languages

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Un blog dirigio a profesores de ELE y también de otros idiomas. Secciones con artículos curiosos, interesantes, útiles y para adolescentes. Excelentes artículos e ideas. 

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El blog de Daniel Varo

Great blog for teachers of Spanish with an interest in Social Media...and everything else.

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Blog informativo sobre el mundo ELE

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ICT across the curriculum

ICT across the Curriculum blog which is designed to support staff and build confidence in the use of ICT in teaching and learning in the 21st century classroom. To find out more, including links to some excellent sites on the use of ICT in education, see ...

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L de Lengua

Un Podcast sobre el mundo del español. Con contribuciones de especialistas en el mundo de la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera

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Pan comido

This blog is specifically aimed at Junior and Leaving Certificate students of Spanish.

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Profe de ele

Un blog para profesores y estudiantes con acividades muy lúdicas e interesantes

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Speekee is generally aimed at youger learners but the blog is great and it has lots of articles and information on Feast and Festivals and cultural activities. 

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The Communicative Approach

NCCA Podcast on the communicative approach to language teaching 

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Top blogs for teachers of Spanish

A selection of some of the best blogs to follow

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Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century. Very useful blog for Spanish teachers.

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