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2. Teachers' Use of the Target Language

New! Online Tutorials in MFL Teaching and Learning Thanks to all those teachers and schools who have been so generous in sharing their classroom practice with us, providing us with lots of great video clips to illustrate important strategies. We are now ...

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Facebook for teachers of Spanish

Are you on Facebook? These are some pages to follow for teachers of Spanish

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L de Lengua


Un Podcast sobre el mundo del español. Con contribuciones de especialistas en el mundo de la enseñanza del español como lengua extranjera

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PPLI Spanish on Pinterest

A short presentation to help you follow Spanish PPLI on Pinterest

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The Communicative Approach


NCCA Podcast on the communicative approach to language teaching 

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Top blogs for teachers of Spanish

A selection of some of the best blogs to follow

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Twitter for teachers of Spanish

Who to follow on Twitter if you are a teachers of Spanish, as well as relevant hashtags

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Websites for teachers of Spanish

A seleccion of useful websites for teachers of Spanish

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