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Confucius Insitute UCD TY Pack

Contact details are available here for accessing a TY pack prepared by the Confucius Institute in UCD.

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Confucius Institute UCC

Contact details for the Confucius Insitute in UCC and their activities are available here

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Digital Dialects

Free online games for learning Chinese

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MYLO is a free language learning resource developed for the Department for Education in the UK and run by RM Education. It offers a new way to learn French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

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Have you checked out our selection of links for learning Chinese on Pinterest.

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Quizlet Flashcards

Great sets of flashcards for studying Chinese for free, there is pronunciation to accompany many of the sets of cards as well as games and learning tools.

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Snakes and Dragons

A resource pack produced by the British Council. Celebrating the language and culture of China in the year of the snake. Read more

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Teachers' Use of the Target Language

New! Online Tutorials in MFL Teaching and Learning Thanks to all those teachers and schools who have been so generous in sharing their classroom practice with us, providing us with lots of great video clips to illustrate important strategies. We are now ...

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Have you checked out our selection of links for learning Chinese on YouTube

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