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Course Outline

A description of possible themes, topics, sub-topics, and suggested accompanying activities.

Hitokuchi memo : online articles  about Japanese Culture

JFシドニーのサイトです。 http://www.jpf.org.au/onlinearticles/hitokuchimemo.html [Anime and Manga] [Japan: Kingdom of Mascots] [Mukashibanashi: Japanese Folk Taies] など面白い記事がたくさんあります。TYの授業におすすめ

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Lesson Plan Template

This includes a variety of descriptors which can be useful to teachers in thinking about what needs to be included in order to create a successful lesson, including accompanying language activity (we really want to see language acquisition even if cultu ...

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Sample Course Design

A sample outline course illustrating how a module could be put together, including all the elements of good practice in TY.

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TY Modules Mind Map

Message to teachers: This mind-map is a useful summary of the possibilities for the Japanese TY module in terms of themes, and topics. If you explore the categories above, and go deeper in to the website, you will find plenty of resources, ideas and lesso ...

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TY Portfolio Template

A template for use by students in creating a portfolio in TY Japanese.

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どうぶつえんに いこう


JF Sydney made online picture book. We can learn greetings, colours, animals, nansai desuka, and imasu/imasen etc. Point and click! The picture changes. It is fun!

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You can make a favourite シールwhen you print it out unto labels - you may need to download a new font to read this in Adobe.

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