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World Language Assessment

World Language Assessment: Get in the Mode!supports and empowers world language educators to improve student proficiency through a variety of assessment strategies. Focusing on the three modes of communication (interpretive, presentational, and interperso ...

1. I can... MFL Short Courses and the ELP

I can… Benchmarking the Junior Cycle Framework and Short Courses in Modern Languages with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) and the European Language Portfolio (ELP). Read more

6. Benefits of using the European Language Portfolio

This section of the ELP site describes the benefits of using the ELP for both learners and teachers. Read here.

AfL in the MFL classroom- Jane Jones

Developing Effective Formative Practices in the MFL classroom. In this article by Jane Jones the emphasis is on formative assessment and assessment for learning and its principles. Case studies highlight assessments in all four skills and show how assessm ...

Language Competences for Employability, Mobility and Growth

EU working document including section on European benchmarks on language competences. Read more

8. - project is a project promoting multilingualism in Europe - the result of the deliberations of the EU Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism. This website reports on best practice in language policy and language learning, and provides policymaker ...

4. Key Competences for Life Long Learning (2007)

Key Competences for Life Long Learning European reference Framework (2007) Read more

5. Multilingualism: an Asset for Europe (2008)

Multilingualism: An Asset for Europe and a Shared Commitment report Read more.

3. Linguistic Diversity to Plurilingual Education (2007)

From Linguistic Diversity to Plurilingual Education is the Council of Europe 'Guide for the Development of Language Education Policies in Europe' (2007). Read more.

5. The Economist (2012) Competing across Borders

An article for the Economist website on 'Competing across Borders - How Cultural and Communication Barriers affect Business' (April 2012)

7. CELAN website

CELAN is the new European platform promoting dialogue between the business community and language practicioners. Its aim is to promote 'language strategies for competitiveness and employability.

Languages for Jobs report (2011)

Languages for Jobs - Providing Multilingual Communication Skills for the Labour Market Report (2011). Report produced by the thematic working group 'Languages for Jobs' set up by the EU Commission under the European Strategic Framework for Education and T ...

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