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À Tantot Extra

This website offers a great range of games across many topics.  A great way to practise vocabulary building in a fun way. Especially good for Junior Cycle.

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This is a lovely website which includes Italian, French, Spanish and German. Lots of activities and printable sheets all free of charge. More suitable for First or Second Year students

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Español para Extranjeros

This website contains excellent resources for most topics in the curriculum. It also has sound files for pronunciation and many games. Games are very suitable to develop language awareness and cultural awareness.

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Fondo lector

Esta página tiene ejercicios para jugar con el lenguaje a nivel básico, intermedio y avanzado. Las actividades inlcuyen ordenar las palabras de una frase, ordenar una secuencia de frases,relacionar palabras con sinónimos y antónimos 

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OYE Language Skills

This site will provide some help for teachers trying to motivate their pupils, and for pupils looking at a way to revise for tests or exams, or for anybody wanting to have some fun playing Spanish games. In this site, you will find a list of topics for e ...

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