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El paro

Sample opinion piece about unemployment with vocabulary.

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Facebook... ¿hasta dónde?

Suitable for Senior Cycle. Reading comprehension on the future of the social networking site Facebook.

Frases útiles para ensayos escritos

Suitable for Senior Cycle in preparation for written opinions.

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Is Ireland a racist society?

Sample opinion passage.

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La economía va de mal a peor

Opinion piece based on the Irish economy and the recession (accents need to be inserted)

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La juventud una época difícil que nadie entiende

Can be used in conjunction with ppt "los jovenes". Sample piece outlining why no-one understand the youth of today (accents to be inserted)

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La pobreza

Sample opinion piece about the topic of poverty with vocabulary.

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La Polución

Opinion piece about pollution

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Las drogas

Sample opinion piece about drugs with vocabulary.

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Los jovenes confunden el hogar con un hotel

Sample opinion passage analysing why young people today stay at home with their parents until their 30's. 

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problemas sociales

this is a copy of the vocab associated with social problems for the opinion question. I used the Wordle programme available on line to make the image and in class it acted as the intro to social problems. The students identify the vocab as a class group a ...

An extensive list of Spanish synonyms. Useful for higher level students when doing comprehension questions.

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Tener un trabajo no perjudica los estudios

Sample opinion passage

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Tu papel es importante

Sample opinion passage about what individuals can do to help protect the environment.

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