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Wordle Wordle is one of the best ways to engage learners in learning new vocabulary, use it prior to reading or as stimulus to speaking or writing activities, it is versatile and visually powerful. -44 interesting ways to use Wordle in the classroom , W ...

Category:Senior Cyle
Las Tiendas-Hoja de ejercicios

Una hoja de ejercicios sobre las tiendas

Category:Senior Cyle
ID card

I show students this example of an ID card before they begin to make their own so they have something to go by.

Category:Senior Cyle
Concurso Cultura

Questions for quiz activity based on power point presentation "Cultura"

Category:Senior Cyle
Meta Sound Files

Meta Spanish Leaving Certificate Audio Files You can listen to digitised versions of the audio tapes from Meta Leaving Certificate Spanish course by clicking here. There are four tapes in total: Tape 1 - Unidad 1-6 Tape 2 - Unidad 6 (cont.)-10 Tape 3 ...

Category:Senior Cyle
Check list

A check list for students to use as they work their way through both modules. Can be ticked at end of each unit to give students a sense of what they have achieved.

En la frutería 1- quantities

Students try to guess as many of the quantities as they can before using the dictionary to fill in the rest and feed back to the class. Then I do the next sheet.


This would be one of the first sheets I give LCA 1. It lists the basic greetings in Spanish and when to use them.

Revision sheet

Revision sheet based on numbers / months / days / basic greetings. Recaps topics from units 1 & 2. I use as homework at end of unit 2.

Greetings and Introductions

A Blendspace (previously Edcanvas) with links to a compilation of resources for teaching greetings and introductions for LCA students. There are video files, worksheets and interactive exercises.  

La familia

An edcanvas with resources for teaching and learning about the family for LCA students 

Los paises

Word jumble on names of countries studied. I give as homework to practice spelling the countries.

Los números

An Edcanas with a compilation of resources for teaching and learning the numbers in Spanish

Record sheet key assignment 1

I use these to ensure I have proof that the students have completed the Key assignments. It makes it easier to keep track of who has done what. Students sign the sheet when assignment is completed and I date it.

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