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Familias: Thinglink

In interactive image, with suggestions on how to use ICT to explore the family in your class 

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This would be one of the first sheets I give LCA 1. It lists the basic greetings in Spanish and when to use them.

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Greetings and Introductions

An Edcanvas with links to a compilation of resources for teaching greetings and introductions for LCA students. There are video files, worksheets and interactive exercises.  

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Greetings and Introductions:Thinglink

An interactive image with suggestions on how to use digital media to explore greetings and introductions with your students 

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Introducing someone

Use this interactive image to introduce someone. Everyone can create one to introduce someone they like 

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La comida - pictures

Can be given as worksheet where students need to write in name of food or made into matching game with names on different cards.

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La familia

An edcanvas with resources for teaching and learning about the family for LCA students 

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Los paises

Word jumble on names of countries studied. I give as homework to practice spelling the countries.

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Paises y nacionalidades

An Edcanvas with a compilation of resources for teaching and learning about countries and nationalities for LCA students. It includes worksheets, videos and maps 

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Paises y nacionalidades:Thinglink

An interactive image with suggestions on how to integrate ICT with countries and nationalities 

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Revision sheet

Revision sheet based on numbers / months / days / basic greetings. Recaps topics from units 1 & 2. I use as homework at end of unit 2.

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Una carta

A comprehension based on a letter with all the personal information learned in unit 1. Students answer questions in English and then write a similar letter about their own personal information.

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