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Power Points for Junior LevelRSS

Power points for use by First Years/Second Years/Junior Cert.

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Actividades de vacaciones

Powerpoint presentation describing the common activities you can do when on holidays.

Powerpoint presentation explaining how to form comparative expressions.  Comparativos (255 kB 2012-09-25 12:15:32)

Concurso "La gastronomía"

Power point with questions based on the presentation "La gastronomia" for quiz activity.

Concurso "Tapas"

Power point with questions for quiz activity based on power point presentation called "Tapas"


Powerpoint presentation using the Simpson family as an example.  It is suitable for first years.

El cuerpo humano

Power point with parts of the body. For JC students 

En la oficina de objetos perdidos

Powerpoint presentation with describing items lost or stolen.

La familia

Introduction to the main family members using The Simpsons as an example.

La gastronomía

Power point with questions and answers for a quiz on Spanish food and dishes.

La ropa

Powerpoint presentation to learn/revise main items of clothing and most common expressions used in shopping transactions.

Las asignaturas

Powerpoint presentation, can also be printed of as posters.  Subjects are organised by gender and number - femenine in pink, masculine in blue and plural in green-.  Presentation also revises the use of 'me gusta/ me gustan'.

Las tiendas

Power point with questions on shops for quiz activity 


Powerpoint presentation suitable to First Year students introducing greetings.


Powerpoint presentation explaining how to form superlative comparatives

Tortilla de patatas

Recipe of Tortilla de patatas for cross curricular activity (Spanish and Home Ec) For JC students 

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