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-AR  and -ER verb practice

Interactive exercises to practise present tense endings of -ar and -er verbs.

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Aprendiendo el Pretérito

This is a good presentation from Mentormob that will help your students with the Pretérito. 

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En casa de mis abuelos

Comprehension to introduce immediate future tense. Revises regular, irregular & reflexive verbs. Good for 2nd years.

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Famous Faces

These are a number of pictures of celebrities which can be used when learning adjectives and how to describe people (Jean Costello)

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Mentormob is a worldwide community that is organsing the best of the interntet into learning playlists. Type Spanish in the search area and you will find over 150 playlists covering grammar, vocabulary and cultural aspects of Spanish.

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Panorama gramático

Over the past few years, Panorama gramático made countless activities on a wide array of topics and the Panorama pages are a great way to comb through these to find what you need. They have included both free and for-purchase activities below organised ...

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