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Russian resources on TES!

1,120 Free community languages resources, lesson plans, worksheets, teaching ideas and much more. Want to inject some new ideas into your languages lessons and enthusiasm among your learners? These free languages resources include lesson plans, activiti ...

Master Russian Here you will find free grammar lessons, useful vocabulary words and phrases, helpful tips on learning the Russian language, and hand-picked links to the best Web sites about the Russian language.

Test your Russian level!

Click on this site to test your Russian level!

Useful websites for learning Russian

This is a useful document with many links to a variety of websites in a variety of areas. Click here to download.


Check out our Russian resources here 


Check out our Russian resources here 


Presentation re transport(metro) in Russian


Useful for learning to navigate a Russian city. Students of all ages love it because of the real photographs.

Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet presentation with the sounds. Can be used as teaching material in class and self-study practice for students.

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