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Presentation re transport(metro) in Russian


Useful for learning to navigate a Russian city. Students of all ages love it because of the real photographs.

Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet presentation with the sounds. Can be used as teaching material in class and self-study practice for students.

Ordering in a cafe

How to ask for food in a cafe

English names in Russian

English names in Russian

Fun Russian

A great website to get the hang of tricky grammar structures and add to your vocab!

Russian Workbook

Russian workbook available for download by clicking here

Page 7

Maryana is at school....

Page 8

Maryana greets more people

Page 18

Test Entry Page 18 MP3 (176.61 kB 2012-08-01 10:26:02) Maryana asking Mark what music he likes

Page 20(1)

Katya asks Mark about his interests

Page 20(2)

Two people speaking about their likes and dislikes

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