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CAO Information in Russian

Инфомационный вечер в КОК, Ассоциация поддержки родителей-иммигрантов и опекунов: click here 

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Information on LC Oral Examination

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My experience of the Russian Oral Interview

This description of the Leaving Certificate oral examination was written by an Irish student who decided to take on the challenge of studying Russian as an extra subject for Leaving Certificate with only one class a week in which to study and only two yea ...

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Russian at Leaving Cert in 2006 and thereafter

Information on Russian for Leaving Certificate from the State Examinations Commission here

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Russian Higher Level  Sample

Sample paper for Higher Level Russian can be downloaded here

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Russian LC Syllabus

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Sample Higher Level Paper - Listening

Sample Higher Level Listening Paper can be downloaded here

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Sample Ordinary Level Paper

Sample Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate paper in Russian can be downloaded here

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