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Powerpoint on the Russian language. Click here to download!

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Powerpoint of facts about Russia. Click to download here!

Category:TYModule PPT

Numbers 1-21. One page. Download the PDF here.

Pictures of signs in Russia to practice alphabet once learnt.Download the PPT here.

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Food Theme: Mix and Match

Names of food and drink are listed in Russian and English. Students match the numbers and letters to connect the English words to the Russian. Answers included on second page.


3ears website here. This website has quite a few songs and video clips in Russian, with karaoke-style subtitles (those are also in Russian). The videos section includes, for example, a popular sitcom Кухня). The developers are also taking requests for so ...

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Download All Papers

For all of the papers as PDFs in one ZIP file click here.

Food & Drink

Print of the following PPT and laminate to create reusable food-and-drink themed flashcards.

Download all Papers

Download all OL Leaving Cert papers from 2005-2015 as a ZIP file of PDFs.

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