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Teachers' Use of the Target Language

New! Online Tutorials in MFL Teaching and Learning Thanks to all those teachers and schools who have been so generous in sharing their classroom practice with us, providing us with lots of great video clips to illustrate important strategies. We are now ...


Are you bored with PowerPoint? Would you like to create flashy, engaging and competitive activities to support learning in your classes? Would you like to create Flash activities but have no time to learn how? Then Activiscope is just what you need! Acti ...


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Learn italian with podcasts suitable for all levels


This app offers vocab training through short multiple choice exercises. All phrases are read aloud by the app to help with pronunciation.

Italian Greetings and alphabet

A blendspace canvas to introduce the alphabet and greetings in Italian

Il vigile: siti e attività online

Sites for on-line activities in relation to Il vigile

Listening file (Achille Orlandi)

Listening Comprehension (Achilles paper) (17.62 MB 2013-03-04 15:08:39)

Category:Mock Papers
LC Aural Higher Level (Achille Orlandi)

Please find enclosed Paper 2 which is allotted 45 minutes.For Paper 2 which is a listening comprehension test, please use the audio file in this same folder. There is a delay of approx. 30 seconds before the actual test begins, which is to be played witho ...

Category:Mock Papers
EU-funded courses

Eu-Funded courses for Language Teachers. The Universities of Antwerp, Coimbra and their partners in the EU projects iTILT and NIFLAR are offering EU-funded summer courses in 2013 targeted at teachers of modern languages on: a) effective use of Interac ...


Busuu is a 'language learning community' or social network for language learners. You will be invited to act as both user and tutor in conversing via chat-windows or webcam. You can join for free and have access to a good bit (vocab, reading and writing e ...

Italian words you already know

A list of Italian words students already know from English, musical terms and food to demonstrate how much Italian has come into use in English.


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