TY Project Italy (Jennie's activities)RSS

AIMS: - Students do research on an aspect of Italian history/culture of interest to them and write up a report on findings (develop research skills and learn about Italy)

- To present their findings to the class in a short PowerPoint presentation. (Presentation skills)

The students are introduced to possible project themes by the teacher through a PowerPoint presentation, accompanied by some key points on each slide to stimulate interest. (See background notes for the teacher)

A selection of possible themes has been provided, but students may wish to do a project on a theme of their choice as long as it is related to Italy (language, history, art, culture, society).

The teacher may need to provide prompts to direct research, examples of questions to guide students in their research have been provided for themes 1-5.

Students have 2 weeks to carry out their research and write up a report of their main findings. They hand this written report to the teacher.

Students also give a short PowerPoint presentation to their class of their findings. After each presentation, the class is given a quiz to encourage them to listen during the presentations and find out what they learnt.

Finally students select images from their project to print out and make up a class poster as a reminder of the various themes and topics and the information their learnt about Italy


Suggested plan:

1.  See what the students already know,   (do Quiz sheet)

2.  Show PowerPoint to introduce major themes for projects.

3.  Assign project themes from suggested list. See example sheets with questions to help students do research for themes 1-5.

4. Students have two weeks to write up their findings and hand up to their teacher.

4.  Students give short PowerPoint presentation (5-10min) to their class on what they learned about their topic.

5.  Make class poster from images taken from all projects.

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