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Italian Greetings and alphabet

A blendspace canvas to introduce the alphabet and greetings in Italian

Il vigile: siti e attività online

Sites for on-line activities in relation to Il vigile

Listening file (Achille Orlandi)

Listening Comprehension (Achilles paper) (17.62 MB 2013-03-04 15:08:39)

Category:Mock Papers
LC Aural Higher Level (Achille Orlandi)

Please find enclosed Paper 2 which is allotted 45 minutes.For Paper 2 which is a listening comprehension test, please use the audio file in this same folder. There is a delay of approx. 30 seconds before the actual test begins, which is to be played witho ...

Category:Mock Papers
In Bocca al lupo!...Crepi! Interactive Activities

Interactive Activities to accompany In Bocca al lupo!...Crepi! available to use freely here

Category:Senior Cycle

Wordle Wordle is one of the best ways to engage learners in learning new vocabulary, use it prior to reading or as stimulus to speaking or writing activities, it is versatile and visually powerful. -44 interesting ways to use Wordle in the classroom , W ...

Category:Senior Cycle
dare-fare-andare practice

What: Two gap-fill worksheets to practise the present tense of DARE/FARE/ANDARE For who: (Very weak) senior cycle. Language skill: grammar. Useful: as a revision tool to check knowledge of these important irregular verbs.

Category:Present Tense
Informal Letter

Teacher guidelines: Lesson Plan Aim: To make learners aware of how marks are allocated on the informal writing task so that they will take this into consideration when attempting to answer this part of the exam. By making the allocation of marks explicit ...

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