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Giro d'Italia

NEW! Digital Giro d'Italia by Silvia Bertoni with links to interactive online activities, as well as links to recording activities and audio files. Student interactive PDFs and Teacher's Manual available now ; New! Interactive Activities to accompany G ...

Category:Junior Cycle

Wordle is one of the best ways to engage learners in learning new vocabulary, use it prior to reading or as stimulus to speaking or writing activities, it is versatile and visually powerful. cf 44 interesting ways to use Wordle in the classroom , Word Clo ...

Category:Junior Cycle
Note examples

Note examples, used with 3rd years. Can be altered to a reading comprehension or listening exercise.

Worksheet: Mi presento

Worksheet with gaps to be filled in my each student with their own personal information. Could be used for junior and senior students. Useful in oral preparation or for letter writing.

Le Materie Scolastiche

A matching exercise with pictures on school subjects, used with 2nd years as a pre-exercise to see how many they already knew or could guess.

La Storia della Cartolina

Short reading comprehension on La Storia della Cartolina with questions in English underneath. Suitable for 2nd or 3rd years as a suplimentary exercise to writting postcards for the Junior Cert.

La Casa: Le Chiavi Perse

A vocabulary game on the casa. This is a passage about a girl and her mother who are looking for the keys all over the house. The teacher reads out the passage. Each student is assigned a room in the house and when they hear the room they must stand up. A ...

La Casa wordsearch

A wordsearch with 14 words on La Casa; the rooms in the house. Used with 2nd year students for consolidating vocab after it has been learned in class. MSWord doc.

Category:Junior Cycle
In Vacanza wordsearch

Wordsearch with 20 words bout Le Vacanze. Used with 2nd year students to help in learning vocb after the words have been done in class. Microsoft Word doc.

Category:Junior Cycle
Cartoline reading comprehension

Three postcards written in Italian with four questions in English on each. Used with second years as suplimentary reading to what was in their book before they wrote their own postcards.

Food - Activity 4

ACTIVITY 4 - TEAM GAME -Who wants to be a Millionaire to practise the topic of Food Vocabulary. Class split in two and compete to win the highest number of questions on this powerpoint. Questions get progressively more difficult.

Food - Activity 3

ACTIVITY 3 - Reading activity:MENU for an Italian Restaurant with comprehension questions.

Food - Activity 2

ACTIVITY 2 - SPEAKING:BBC Website speaking game: to practise ordering drinks in Italian. (ROLE PLAY)

Food - Activity 1

ACTIVITY 1 - VOCAB:Handout with a list of typical foods on a restaurant menu followed by an activity to match pictures to words.

Direzioni Powerpoint file

TEACHER GUIDELINES What: powerpoint to teach language of directions. For who: 2nd/3rd year students. Skills: vocabulary, pronunciation. Useful because: visually stimulating way to introduce 'direction' vocabulary for the first time! Materials needed: ...

Directions activity;GIRO D'ITALIA 2, p.44

Directions activity from Giro D'Italia 2, page 44

Teachers' notes

Teacher's notes for Azzurro magazine. In the Teacher’s notes file (in Italian) you will find extra activities and notes, including a recipe for Spaghetti alla Matriciana!


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