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The Italian Institute of Culture Dublin regularly host courses and events associated with upskilling your language and cultural skills! Please see herefor more information and regular updates.

 New! Online course in ICTs for MFL Teachers

EasispeakThis pilot course due to commence in October is a collaboration between the NCTE, the PDST, and the PPLI. It explores how using ICT can enhance teaching and learning in the MFL classroom, and provides tips and suggestions for ways to do this.





This course

  • is aimed at all teachers, whether or not they are familiar with using computers in the classroom
  •  offers a variety of activities for teachers with computers in their classrooms or teachers working in computer rooms. 
  • provides hands-on, practical ideas for use in the classroom
  • gives clear, easy-to-follow examples of tasks for use in the MFL classroom.
  • provides tasks which reflect the current assessment tasks in the State Examinations
  • uses examples of tasks and activities for a variety of modern foreign languages
  • provides suggestions for ways of assessing students using ICT. 
  • encourages the use of ICT to create new resources
  • recommends the use of the Internet to connect with Target Language (TL) users and communities suggests ways of using ICT to create, share and collaborate on teaching and learning resources.
  • Technologies covered are: Wordprocessing; Digital Presentations; Online Resources; Digital Cameras and Audio Recording; Digital Storytelling and Creating Online Resources.

To register your interest please fill out the form at



Some of the latest stuff to help you (there's more on the ICT page)



Association of Teachers of Italian (ATI) in Ireland: In questo sito troverete informazioni sull’Associazione e i suoi rappresentanti, link a risorse utili per gli insegnanti, informazioni sull’Italia e l’insegnamento dell’italiano come lingua straniera e moduli da scaricare.

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