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This app offers vocab training through short multiple choice exercises. All phrases are read aloud by the app to help with pronunciation.

Learn German by Mindsnacks

You can learn to speak and read German while playing games on the go. Featuring 9 addictive games designed to teach essential vocabulary and conversation skills.

Wie Geht's

This free app can be used with or without an internet connection, and focuses on vocabulary. Sixty-three lessons cover topics ranging from greetings to clothing to sports to computers to religion.


This app is not pretty or wonderfully designed but there is a lot of content here for no cost. If you want to expand your German vocabulary on your iPod or iPhone this is a good place to start and it is free

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BBC Languages German

An interactive, multimedia course for beginners, with dialogues, exercises, glossary, and detailed notes on German language and culture. An excellent starting point for beginners.

An online magazine in German for young people.

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Check out our German recources here


Check out our online resources here

German culture

This is a must-visit site for all German culture lovers. Get information about German traditions, history, education in Germany, German language, travelling to Germany and lots of interesting facts about Germany.

Facts about Germany

Facts about Germany, is a reference book offering all sorts of up-to-date and reliable information about all aspects of modern life in Germany – be it business, culture or politics. It has figures, facts and interesting timelines. It can be accessed ...

Deutsch portal

This site is a collaboration of several German universities, German publishers, the Goethe Institute, and the American Association of Teachers of German. It offers teaching tips and materials, a German-teaching blog, and other resources for German teacher ...

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