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Handy for a long list of verbs (with their English translation). Not all tenses but the main ones: present, past participle, future, imperfect, conditional present and subjunctive present. But no testing function as far as we can see.

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Category:Apps & Websites
Souris, C'est Lundi Videos

Check out our Souris, C'est Lundi videos here and our blog here 

Category:Apps & Websites
Cartes interactives de la Francophonie

Petit test... Il y a 80 pays dans la Francophonie. Combien pouvez-vous en nommer? Et dans quel continent se trouvent ces pays? Voici deux cartes du monde interactives qui vous permettront de  vérifier et compléter vos réponses. C ...

Statistiques sur la Francophonie

Vous aimez les chiffres? Vous allez aimer ce document! Choisissez les statistiques qui vous interessent. Cliquez ici

Clip : Francophonie - le français est une chance !

Voyage à travers les pays de la francophonie... Ce petit clip promotionnel vous donne peut-être des envies de voyage? Cliquez ici

Ecoutez le francais aux quatres coins du monde

Choisissez un point sur la carte et écoutez... Vous remarquez des différences d'accents? Cliquez ici Dommage quand même que tous les pays de la francophonie ne soientt pas représentés. Avez-vous remarqué ceux qui manquent à cette carte?

1. Duolingo

A little and often is the way to go with language learning. Try out Duolingo and build up your language skills bit by bit. You can even select to have your own coach send you gentle reminders if you slip up some days... and then catch up on lost time. Gre ...


Lots of scope for self-testing in this quizz app.: grammar and vocab, verbs, even a section on those tricky 'homophones' (sound the same but spell differently). And then all the maths quiz and Spanish and English quizzes thrown in for good measure! A coup ...

3. French Study Buddy

French Study Buddy is a handy vocab building app. User-friendly and uncomplicated. Revision and building up of vocab from random list. Two options: Study mode and Test mode. (Immediate feedback on answers). Click here.

7. Collins French Grammar and Practice

Only part of this app is free but well worth checking out if what you want is a good thorough grounding in French grammar with some practice thrown in. Click here

4. De rien

'De rien' is a nice simple yet comprehensive verb app. Choose a verb and, a presto, its entire conjugation under handy tabs. No testing function but for a totally free app it's pretty good. Click here (link iTunes) or click here (link Windows app)


VTFC is another handy verb reference app. Good list of the 53 most commonly used French verbs and all their tense. Plenty to start off with! Click here for Google Store. Click here for iTunes store.

6. French Conjumaster

Conjumaster is a good verb app. User-friendly, with immediate feedback, but offers more options than others, and therefore a bit more complex to use to its full potential. More suitable for intermediate to advanced students (CEFR level A2 upwards). Click ...

8. Eye know Quiz de mots

Quiz de mots is a picture-based spelling game app. Quite challenging in its choice of words as it is designed primarily for French younsters but well worth giving it a go. (Intermediate students/ CEFR level A2 minimum). Click here (Apple app store)

10. Drapeau mania

Have fun with Drapeau Mania! Test your knowledge of countries in French and of the flags of the world. Could be addictive for some... Click here.

9. French Grammar -

The Free Grammar app is good for gammar and vocab tests. Choice of 6 levels and immediate feedback given. Nice challenges! Click here for Google app store. Click here for Apple app store.

Learn French vocab app (Brainscape)

Good app including study mode and test mode. Click here (Apple app store)

Learn French - verbs (Brainscape)

Click here for link to app in Apple app store.

'French Games for Learners'

'French Games for Learners' for beginners and intermediate students. Worth trying out. Click here

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