Monday, 17 September 2018 10:23

Language exchanges and Funding for School Exchanges Scheme

As part of raising awareness of the value of learning foreign languages and of the value of spending time abroad, schools are being offered the opportunity to apply for funding as part of a new Funding for School Exchanges Scheme. Ten schools will be awarded €15,000 each to contribute towards exchange costs such as flights, to offer scholarships to students who would not otherwise be able to participate, or for other needs that the school identifies as contributing towards language learning on the exchange. Skills developed through taking part in language exchanges which include adaptability, problem-solving, networking and communication skills as well as actual language skills, are necessary in order for students to develop and thrive in the future as well as to find employment.

Funding for School Exchanges Scheme: Guidelines and Application – click here

Languages Connect: How-to Manual and Toolkit for School Exchanges – click here



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