Working to implement the policy of the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland of diversifying, enhancing and expanding the teaching of foreign languages in post-primary schools.

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PPLI Publications


PPLI Publications


Really useful language games at Memrise


The best online Japanese dictionary

Have you got Japanese on your computer? It's easy...

How to display and type Japanese on your computer

Kana - there's so much out there to help you revise your kana! So get clicking!

kana icon

Great game for revision of kana

Great flashcard game for hiragana

The Ultimate Hiragana Challenge

How long does it take you to complete this hiragana chart?

Real Kana - Hiragana and Katakana Practice, app for iPhone too (As you are presented with each character, type its rōmaji equivalent. If you get stuck, move your mouse over the character, and the answer will appear.

Check your hiragana against your katakana - Java game

Kana sensei: Applet where you click on the rōmaji equivalent of the kana, you can download it to your computer too

General website for the study of katakana including flashcards

nihongo-e-na is a collection of "e! kore" (this is great) sites for learning Japanese, lots of links to good kana games and learning tools

Matching pair game - test your memory!

If you know some more good sites for learning and revising the kana let us know!

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Typing tools to practice your kana and your writing


Want to read and understand Japanese text on any website?

Try this mouseover dictionary tool for accessing text

For Reading Practice

  • Reading Tutor was designed to help Japanese learners improve reading skills
  • If you can ignore the horrible ads is really useful - just paste in the url of the Japanese website you'd like to read and you can get the readings and meanings of any word you scroll over!

 For Listening Practice

sound iconFantastic internet radio broadcasts from Kobe University, pitched at all different levels with the option of reading the text while listening to the recording and gap fill exercises too. Some of the beginner's level broadcasts would be suitable for good Leaving Cert students.



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