Working to implement the policy of the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland of diversifying, enhancing and expanding the teaching of foreign languages in post-primary schools.

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Japan Europe High-School Exchange Programme - Click on this link for full details

This year there will be places for 2 participants from Ireland on the 5-week programme, and possibly also a place on the 5-month programme, depending on the total number of applications received.  At this stage, there is no absolute guarantee of a place on the long-term programme as well, but we will definitely accept applications for both and see what happens.  Last year it was decided that students can apply for both programmes if they want to, as the forms are the same for both.

The application guidelines, schedule etc. are all in the attached information sheet, which I hope will explain everything you need to know.

If possible, Mr. Yamada would like to ask for candidates for both programmes to be recommended to the Embassy by Friday 26 February. We would need a few days to screen them prior to that so the deadline for you to send us YOUR application is Tuesday 23rd February He is planning to hold the interviews in the first week of March (in person if applicants are available to come to the Embassy, or by phone if preferred), and then a decision will be made as to the applicants to be recommended to Tokyo.

There are also various forms which the applicants recommended for interview will need to submit, along with a number of photographs.  The Ministry has asked for the forms to be typed and not handwritten, and the sections marked with an asterisk will be filled in by the Embassy.  They will follow in a few days.

2010 "RUTA QUETZAL" ACADEMIC  GRANT  FOR ONE IRISH STUDENT - This is now closed, watch this space for information on new opportunities

One grant is offered to a student of Irish nationality, born in 1993 or 1994, with an opportunity to participate in a journey of study and adventure around Mexico and Spain with a group of other students of the same age from 56 countries. This year the theme of the expedition is "The Mystery of the Maya White Ways".  The   objective is to study some aspects of the history and geography of Mexico, a country of great cultural and friendship ties with Spain.  The expedition will of course take place also in Spain where the student will enjoy the visits to many towns and villages and their cultural and educational facilities.

The selected student will take part, with all expenses paid, in the academic journey of 45 days, which will take place between the 19th of June and the 25th of July 2010 approximately.

The requirement for the grant holder is to have a high level of Spanish, so that he or she can follow the academic programme.

Applicants must submit to the Spanish Embassy:

  1. A photocopy of their passport
  2. A Curriculum Vitae with academic qualifications (to include Junior Certificate results).
  3. An Application Form (*)
  4. Passport size photos
  5. An essay  on paper,  in Spanish, of up to four A4 pages long, about one of these  two subjects, either: "The Maya People" or  "Art  in St. James Way" (Ruta Jacobea).

Please note e-mails not accepted

(*)The application form, vaccination arrangements, parents/guardian consent form and other relevant practical information can be obtained by sending an A4 size self addressed stamped envelope to:

Lucia Teijeiro
Embajada de España
17a Merlyn Park
Dublin 4

- The Irish participant should provide for a return plane ticket from their home town to Madrid including any expenses on airport charges and taxes. Vaccination or medical fees will also be paid by the student.

- The accommodation during the trip will be in the style of a camp (tent with three people) Please note that the student must be prepared to be flexible and adaptable to the basic conditions which sometimes may exist during the trip.

- In the journey there are certain rules of compliance that should be respected.  In the case of non-compliance the student will have to abandon the expedition.  In this case or in the case of voluntary withdrawal from the expedition the student will be responsible for any extra charges.

- The deadline for handing in applications and enclosures is Tuesday 15th December 2009.