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Monday, 02 September 2013 07:46

New French Blog - Souris c'est lundi!

Blog Souris Banner

New! French blog!    

The emphasis of this blog is on young people’s interests, on diversity in French, France and Francophonie and on easy access.The blog is  video clip-based with  reading ‘extras’. Students at all levels will get something from it whether just an infectious melody for some, or a lot more for others.

There is lots for young people to enjoy in French and Souris, c’est lundi! will present a weekly taste of what there is out there.

Every month, on successive Mondays, it will feature:

-        a song from recent charts

-        a film

-        a ‘retro’ song

-        something random - funny, thought-provoking, beautiful or just plain cool

See today's here.

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