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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 12:44

Winter Newsletter 2015

PPLI Newsletter
PPLI Newsletter 2015

New! Online Tutorials in MFL Teaching and Learning 

Thanks to all those teachers and schools who have been so generous in sharing their classroom practice with us, providing us with lots of great video clips to illustrate important strategies. We are now able to share our first tutorial on Teachers' Use of Target Language with you. Please feel free to dip in and out of it in your own time. No need to register, just click on the tutorial below. More coming soon.


A Healthy Obsession

Be inspired and read this blog post from a student of Russian in Trinity, who got A1s in Japanese, Russian, and Spanish in her Leaving Certificate. It is a persuasive argument on why we need to continue to explore means of diversifying the provision of languages in schools."My name is Bláithín Macken Smith and I am eighteen years old. If you could see sixteen year old me it would be as if you were looking at two entirely different people. I suppose that could be true for a lot of people, but for me the reason behind my big transition was my study of languages. Until my fourth year of school I utterly despised everything about school, every morning it was more difficult to drag myself out of bed, so much so that I very often didn’t. I was convinced that after my fourth year of school that was it. I was going to drop out. So desperately did I want to leave school and become a tattoo artist. I spent much of transition year on work experience in various parlours around Dublin. Many of my family members and teachers thought that the war was lost and that my mind was made up, and then something happened.Read the rest of the blog here


Spanish scholarships for two students and their teacher


The annual Spanish competition that we run  in collaboration with the Consejería de Educación de la Embajada de España en Dublin for  5th year students of Spanish is now up and running.  La Junta de Castilla y León  and the Oficina  Española de Turismo in Dublin are sponsoring the competition.  Students are invited to use images, videos  and ICT tools, in order to create a video  set in modern day Castilla y León on the theme:

Amor a primera vista

1st prize:  3 scholarships to cover the cost of flights, accommodation and language school for a week in Castilla y León during the summer of 2016 for 2 students and their teacher
2nd and 3rd prize:  3 scholarships each to cover the cost of a one week language course and accommodation  for 2 students and their teacher.

The competition is open to all 5th year students of Spanish in Ireland

Click here  for more information on rules and guidelines.  We look forward to receiving lots of entries!


Language Fair

Are you learning or teaching French? Do you follow Souris c'est lundi!?

A weekly video clip-based blog for post-primary students. Discover catchy songs, French or Francophone films, quirky  videos or seasonal celebration items. Teachers also have their own section at the end of most posts. Check out the latest entries: for the end of year concerts (choir songs) : ‘Non, non rien n’a changé’ (Les Poppys), ‘Qui se ressemble s’assemble’ and ‘J’aime les mots’ (Les Enfantastiques). ‘J’aime’ a film made by ‘collégiens’ in Narbonne. ‘Le hérisson’ , a film for senior classes (with French subtitles) and next a superb adventure cartoon for junior classes (and animation buffs) ‘Les 5 Légendes’ (with French subtitles). Lots of rhythms, topics and seasonal items over the months…

... E tutto ciò che puoi fare è ascoltare l'eco del battito del tuo cuore rimbalzare sulle ali del vento  by Christian Moretti.


Wonderful Words!

Throughout the month of November we ran our 'Wonderful Words' photo competition. For this contest we invited students, parents and teachers to enter, by taking a picture of something they loved and giving a caption in a language other than English or Irish. We received so many wonderful entries from all across the country! The languages used included French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian and Tagalog. We were really impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of all the entries. Check out our Facebook page to see more entries here.


Post-Primary Languages Roundtable for languages teachers associations in September

This event was held at the end of September with seven out of eight Language Teacher Associations (LTAs) represented (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Russian). The purpose of this event was to raise awareness of existing national and European collaborative support for language teaching and learning at post-primary level, to facilitate an exchange of good practice between language teachers associations in Ireland, and to discuss the challenges faced by language associations in Ireland and the benefits of collaboration. The event was hopefully the beginning of increased networking and collaboration among LTAs, and opportunities to work together on common issues of interest in the Irish context.

Save the date! 12th March

Digital Tools in MFL Teaching and Learning

This year we are going to follow-up the Tablets & Apps event with workshops where the sole focus is on longer hands-on workshops by practising teachers. These will be on the 12th March in two places, UL and NUIM. In UL there will be three parallel sessions. In MU you can choose from two in the morning or two in the afternoon.

The event will be called 'Digital Tools in MFL Teaching & Learning' to ensure that all relevant ICT tools get a chance, not just Tablets and Apps.

We still welcome facilitators for the workshops so if you are a practising teacher and you feel that you would like to do a hands-on workshop for other teachers, perhaps to share stuff you have been trialing since the last event, please let us know! Write to Karen at:

More info will follow in the New Year

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