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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 15:12

Spanish Competition

SpanishThe Post-Primary Languages Initiative in collaboration with the Consejería de Educación  de la Embajada de España en Dublin is delighted to announce its annual competition for  5th year students of Spanish.  La Junta de Castilla y León  and the Oficina  Española de Turismo in Dublin are sponsoring the competition.  Using images, videos  and ICT tools, students are invited to create a video  set in modern day Castilla y León under the theme:

Amor a primera vista

1st prize:  3 scholarships to cover the cost of flights, accommodation and language school for a week in Castilla y León during the summer of 2016 for 2 students and their teacher

2nd and 3rd prize:  3 scholarships each to cover the cost of a one week language course and accommodation  for 2 students and their teacher.

The competition is open to all 5th year students of Spanish in Ireland


We suggest these easy steps to produce your video:

  1. Find a partner and have a planning session
  2. Do your research
  3. Plan your itinerary
  4. Decide who will do what
  5. Prepare the script
  6. Shoot the video using a camera, a smartphone or a webcam. Take lots of footage, you can always cut later
  7. Consider using a microphone for better sound quality and be mindful of background noise
  8. You can insert videos and audio files into your own clip
  9. Edit the video (cut the parts you do not like, add the sound, include credits)
  10. Once you are happy with the results, upload the video to the Post Primary Languages Initiative Facebook page and Like the Spanish Tourist Office in Dublin Page


 Entries must be posted on the Post Primary Languages Initiative Facebook page before  Friday  4th of April 2016with the hashtag #PPLISpanishLoveStory

Entries should be prepared by teams of 2 students and be of 2 minutes of duration, including credits. 

The video clip should demonstrate some creativity and include subtitles in Spanish.

Videos should contain the name of the authors and the school name, town and county. 

All music and images used must be credited.  We suggest you use images from: Turismo Castilla y Leon  to avoid copyright infringement .

Duting their stay in Castilla Y León winners will be required to post photos and comments on their experience on the Languages Initiative Facebook page.


By entering the competition the entrants agree to  abide by the rules. The entrant retains copyright over their original work, but by uploading a video, the entrant grants permission to the Post-Primary Languages Initiative to use for mash-ups, instructional purposes, promotional material or as examples of exemplary learning.   Users who abuse the messaging system as a way to request  “likes” for their video will be disqualified. This is against Post Primary Languages Initiative policy.

The jurors’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  The jury will select the best videos based on their creativity, final production, and content.

 Click here to download a PDF of the poster (English)

Click here to download a PDF of the  poster (Gaeilge)

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