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Tuesday, 27 May 2014 00:00

ALL Languages World 2014

mainbottom 02MFL teachers: some useful material for you from Language World 2014

There were great teachers and some very useful and inspiring presentations at Language World 2014, the annual conference of ALL, the UK Association for Language Learning. The theme this year was ALL Joined up and here are just a few links on key themes that emerged which might whet your appetite to go searching for more!   

Three of the key themes at Lancaster 2014

Strategies that can help us to increase use of Target language in the classroom

-          Getting students to talk spontaneously (Chris Fueller):

-          Great presentations on increasing students’ production of language in the classroom:

The Flipped classroom The emphasis is on developing students’ thinking skills, autonomy and collaborative learning: Homework time to deliver knowledge, classroom time to deliver skills and understanding with the use of existing or custom-produced videos. Some teachers are applying the principles of the flipped classroom to MFL.

This presentations introduces real possibilities for Flipping the MFL classroom  (Helen Bates

Building engagement

Chris Fuller describes his teaching context asLow profile, low motivation, low skills’ and shares some of his strategies for developing  thoughful contexts for thoughtful students:,   Blog:


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