Working to implement the policy of the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland of diversifying, enhancing and expanding the teaching of foreign languages in post-primary schools.

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PPLI Publications


PPLI Publications


Watch this new series of videos if you need reasons...

Japanese for the Leaving Certificate from Languages Initiative on Vimeo.


Japanese Café in Cork


JLTI Speech Contest


Sarah Frawley | Exchange Student

Japanese after the Leaving Cert

Japanese Opening Doors: JET

Stories from Japan


For a summary of other reasons to study Japanese, this presentation explains some of the reasons why those interested in exams, economics, business, technology, cars, energy saving, culture or language might want to consider studying Japanese.    

Check out this fun colour game to hear how Japenese sounds.
You might spend more time on it that you think!
Click here to visit this game and other fun interactive activities.

明日があるさ - Latest popular video among learners of Japanese




NEW WEBSITEDiscover Japanese Studies

Why japanese

Great interviews with students of Japanese on what it's like to learn Japanese, students performing sketches in Japanese, and the challenges and rewards of learning Japanese - click here to enter. There are also interviews with graduates of Japanese about what they did with their Japanese in terms of their careers.



Special category for secondary school students, don't have to be Irish nationality though have to be living in Ireland, first prize is a week in Japan! Enter now! See here for more details.
japanese flag Message from JLTI President in relation to new project to implement ELP in Japanese LC classes

きのうPPLIのカレン・ラドックさんと会合を持ち、その結果、「LC日本語コースのためのELP作成プロジェクト」を 立ち上げることになりました。詳しくは添付のドキュメント をご覧ください。また、アイルランドにおけるELPについては、ELPページをご参照ください。







Please read here for a discussion of the ELP in the context of Japanese by Naoko Aoki.