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Friday, 01 February 2013 12:36

Ireland: Many people many languages

EUPresidencyMultilingualCompetition2013 480 x 640

A competition to celebrate Ireland's presidency of the EU for ALL second-level students.

The idea of this competition is to show and celebrate the many languages that are spoken by young people in Ireland today.

Competition guidelines:

Investigate, reflect, and show the languages spoken by young people in Ireland today.

Entries should be:

  • original, creative and inspirational
  • multilingual
  • prepared by a maximum of 3 students
  • in digital format

Keep audio/ video/ presentations less than 2 minutes, written text less than 250 words. Use any digital media of your choice e.g. photo story/ videos/ podcasts/ voki/ glogster/ storybird/ ppt/ anything you like! 

  • A maximum of 3 entries per school will be accepted


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