Encourage your students to choose Italian! 

Promotional video to encourage secondary-school students in the UK and Ireland to study Italian at university. An initiative of the Society for Italian Studies For more information see http://italianstudies.org.uk



In bocca 


New! Latest digital version of In Bocca al lupo!...Crepi! with links to interactive online activities, as well as links to recording activities and audio files, is compatible with smart phones and iDevices. Teachers' notes also available here

New! Interactive Activities to accompany In Bocca al lupo!...Crepi! available to use freely here




NEW! Digital Giro d'Italia by Silvia Bertoni with links to interactive online activities, as well as links to recording activities and audio files.

Student interactive PDFs and Teacher's Manual available now


New! Interactive Activities to accompany Giro d'Italia available to use freely -

Volume 1 and Volume 2


Audio Files for both books available here


Clipflair   Foreign Language Learning through interactive revoicing and captioning of clips

Great new initiative to provide input for students in many foreign languages. These clips were created because watching foreign films helps to learn foreign languages but the creators have devised a way of getting learners more active while watching by 'flairing a clip' which involves captioning and revoicing where the student can add subtitles and dub his/her voice over the actor's voice. See here for an introduction and to go to the site. The creators would really like if teachers could try them out with their students and give them some feedback - teachers and students can register at http://social.clipflair.net  to post comments and feedback. 


Leaving certificate Italian Picture Sequence  Leaving Certificate Italian Picture Sequence 3  
Italian 1  Italian 3  


Why more Irish students should be studying Italian

  • Italian is a significant language. There is a tendency to see Italian as a language you learn for fun - ask people who speak a few languages why they learned Italian... they'll tell you how much fun it is, how beautiful the language is, you'll hear about the art and the fashion and the opera... then there are the Italians who will tell us it came before French and being the closest language to Latin makes it superior, that back in the Middle Ages anyone who was educated had to be able to speak Italian... these are potentially all legitimate reasons for learning Italian but there are other reasons why we need to be offering more Italian... Read more here...