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Lots of resources here for languages that are not on our curriculum, including resources for the non-curricular languages at Leaving Cert.

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1. Exams in non-curricular EU languages

1. The State Examinations Commission provides examinations in a range of subjects in the language area referred to as the non-curricular EU languages. These are languages which do not appear as part of the normal school curriculum but which students may o ...

Centre for Deaf Studies

Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College Dublin 

How to learn any language

Worth a look at: 'This website is made for people who love languages'. Click here.

Worth a look at: 'This website is made for people who love languages'. Click here.

Irish Sign Language for LCA

NCCA's Irish Sign Language Course for LCA students. This course introduces students to Irish Sign Language and aims to develop their expressive and receptive communication skills. The course also develops awareness and appreciation of the Irish deaf ...

Learn Polish with Babbel

Freee online course. Read more

Learning any language

From SIL, some tips and links for all language learners, and particularly those interested in languages for which are few teaching resources and no courses available or accessible. Click here.

Migration and Diversity - CSO

The Central Statistics Office published a useful document on migration and diversity which includes information on the foreign languages spoken in Ireland (see page 27). Click here for the link. There is also an interactive version here where you can cros ...


MYLO is a free language learning resource developed for the Department for Education in the UK and run by RM Education. It offers a new way to learn French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

One minute podcasts

'One minute podcasts' from Radiolingua gives you a chance to sample languages from Arabic to Zulu including Catalan, Greek, Norwegian and many more. Enjoy! Click here.

Pack: Snakes and Dragons

A resource pack produced by the British Council. Celebrating the language and culture of China in the year of the snake. Read more

Population Usually Resident and Present Who Spoke a Language other than Irish or English at Home

CD642: Population Usually Resident and Present Who Spoke a Language other than Irish or English at Home and Who Lived Outside Ireland for a Year or More by Age Group, Ability to Speak English, Year of Return and CensusYear   Read the report&nbs ...

Teachers' Use of the Target Language

New! Online Tutorials in MFL Teaching and Learning Thanks to all those teachers and schools who have been so generous in sharing their classroom practice with us, providing us with lots of great video clips to illustrate important strategies. We are now ...

The Languages of Ireland - Wikipedia

There are a number of languages used in Ireland. Irish is the main language to have originated from within the island, while others have been introduced through foreign .... Read more

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