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Art & Cultural Society of the Deaf

This website is aimed at creating more awareness about Irish Deaf History, Culture that has being collected and passed down through the years.

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Centre for Deaf Studies

Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College Dublin 

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Forest Book

 Forest Books is a publishing house that specialises in books on deaf-related issues and topics. Visit the Deafness and Deaf Issues online catalogue.

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Information on ISL classes, resources and events.

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Irish Sign Language for LCA

NCCA's Irish Sign Language Course for LCA students. This course introduces students to Irish Sign Language and aims to develop their expressive and receptive communication skills. The course also develops awareness and appreciation of the Irish deaf ...

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This is a great resource to learn Irish Sign Language. Just choose the word you need and see it signed.

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Junior Cycle Short Course in ISL

For specifications for a Junior Cycle short course in Irish Sign Language click here

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Teachers' Use of the Target Language

New! Online Tutorials in MFL Teaching and Learning Thanks to all those teachers and schools who have been so generous in sharing their classroom practice with us, providing us with lots of great video clips to illustrate important strategies. We are now ...

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