Working to implement the policy of the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland of diversifying, enhancing and expanding the teaching of foreign languages in post-primary schools.

Welcome to The Post-Primary Languages Initiative.

The PPLI's vision is to be a dedicated centre providing expertise and support for foreign languages education at post-primary level in Ireland. We aim to promote multilingualism and support plurilingualism by continuing to support the lesser taught languages, facilitating the introduction of more languages in to the curriculum via new short courses for Junior Cycle, increasing support for the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages in general, and conducting applied research that will inform and support policy.

We were originally set up in September 2000 to diversify, enhance and expand the teaching of languages in second-level schools in Ireland.  To diversify so that a wider choice of languages would be available to students; to enhance by strengthening the position of these languages and offering support to teachers in the form of materials and in-service; and to expand them so that they would be more available to more students in more schools. 

At PPLI, we aim to provide:

  • a place where language teachers can share resources and materials that are relevant to the teaching of the lesser taught modern foreign languages (Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) on the Irish curriculum in Irish post-primary schools
  • information and opportunities in relation to language learning and teaching at post-primary level
  • a platform for CPD and languages upskilling for modern foreign language teachers
  • information and links to relevant research on foreign languages policy in Ireland, foreign languages needs in Ireland, and other relevant materials

Please feel free to browse and contact us with any feedback and

Please watch and share our videos  More Languages More Options which illustrate the importance of having foreign languages in the workplace!